EU-funded FLEG II Program has completed in February 2017. Learn more about the Program and its results, read the final reports, or contact us.

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About ENPI FLEG II Program

The FLEG II Program aimed to improve forest law enforcement and governance in 7 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine, which have all together more than 20% of the world's forests.

Problems that the forests of these countries face:
  • Illegal logging and associated trade and corruption.
  • Increased pressure on forests due to growing demand for forest products & services.


  • Loss of forest resources and revenue by governments and people.
  • Degradation of forest ecosystems and biodiversity.


What FLEG II was doing

1. Improving forest policy and legislation
- Developing suggestions for amendments to national forest laws.
- Supporting dialogue on forest policy issues between governments, businesses and NGOs.

2. Capacity building
- Conducting trainings on sustainable forest management for forest practioners.
- Developing study programs and materials on sustainable forest use for schools, colleges and universities.

3. Promoting sustainable management and use of forests
- Promoting voluntary forest certification for businesses.
- Enhancing transborder collaboration between countries to decrease illegal logging.

4. Promoting sustainable income opportunities for forest dependent communities
- Launching pilot projects on ecotourism development for rural communities.

Who was involved in FLEG II

FLEG II was funded by the European Union.
In Armenia and Georgia, FLEG II was also supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) with funds of Austrian Development Cooperation.

FLEG II was implemented by the World Bank, WWF, and IUCN.

FLEG II brought together governments, forest practitioners and managers, forest business, non-timber business, NGOs, educators, and forest dependent rural communities.

FLEG timeline


Representatives of 44 governments from Europe and Northern Asia signed the St. Petersburg Declaration, committing themselves to address illegal logging and the improvement of forest governance.


The European Commission, the World Bank, WWF and IUCN teamed up to implement the first Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG) Program in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.


The ENPI Forest Law Enforcement and Governance II (FLEG II) Program builds on the first ENPI FLEG I Program to support good forest governance, sustainable forest management and forest protection in the region.

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