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2015 FLEG Roadshow: The Hotline between Yerevan and Your Village

FLEG II crew of experts visited 20 forest-dependent Armenian communities to give voice to their needs and concerns

Intergovernmental Council for the Timber Industry and Forestry of the Commonwealth of Independent states meets in Armenia

The 15th session of the Council took place in Yerevan, Armenia, on October 13-14, 2015. The goal of the meeting was to discuss issues of cross-border cooperation, such as: implementation of the agreement on preventing and combatting fires in borderline territories of CIS countries; development of cooperation between CIS countries on forest science and joint scientific and technical projects; exchange of information on illegal activities; professional forest education.

Members of FLEG II National Program Advisory Committee in Armenia shared their views on outcomes, achievements and future plans of the Program

The main objective of the 4th National Program Advisory Committee (NPAC) meeting in Yerevan, Armenia, was to present the results of the Year II activities, as well as propose and discuss the plans for Year III.

Direct from Villages to Top-level Officials

Twenty forest-dependent communities in Armenia are about to get their chance to tell forest officials what they need from their forests and their ideas for how the Government can ensure the forests are managed to meet those needs.

FLEG II Continues Implementation of School Forestry Education Program in Southern Armenia

On July 14, 2015 a session about fire prevention and control was delivered in the frames of the school forestry education program. The program is implemented in Tatev, Svarants and Tandzatap communities of Syunik Region of Armenia for school children and teachers with the aim to increase their awareness and knowledge about forests.

“Substantial potential”: Citizen forest monitoring in Armenia

Today, FLEG II released its official report on the project, which concludes “Armenia holds a substantial human potential in order to maintain and implement an independent public monitoring of forests.”

FLEG II Implements School Forestry Education Program in Southern Armenia

FLEG II initiated school forestry education program in the southern Syunik Region of Armenia for the pupils of Tatev, Svarants and Tandatap communities. “Armenian Woman for Health and Healthy Environment” NGO was hired by WWF-Armenia to implement the education program in close collaboration with the state forest manager “Hayantar” State Non-Commercial Organization (SNCO) under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia as well as administration of Tatev community.

EU Day in Armenia

The Forestry Quiz organized by the FLEG II Program Coordination Team was very well received at an Information Fair that was held as part of EU Day celebrations in Armenia.

Not in Our Forest

ARMENIA – In Armenia, old-fashioned community engagement and modern satellite technology are putting illegal forest activities on the map, quite literally, and since January 2015, a new website has been exposing these once secret operations to the world.

Progress Towards New Sanctuary in Tavush Region of Northern Armenia

In the frames of the FLEG I Program, optimization of forest sanctuaries of Northern Armenia was initiated and feasibility study was conducted for establishment of a forested protected area. The study was aimed at assessing the possibility to have one well-managed sanctuary instead of 3 existing ones. The study revealed rather rich biodiversity in the target area including flora and fauna with a number of species registered in the Red Book of Armenia and IUCN Red List.

In Armenia and Georgia, Austrian Development Agency (ADA) with funds of Austrian Development Cooperation is supporting ENPI East Countries FLEG II Program – Complementary Measures for Georgia and Armenia

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