EU-funded FLEG II Program has completed in February 2017. Learn more about the Program and its results, read the final reports, or contact us.

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FLEG II Publishes Second Edition of the Textbook for Forestry Students of Russia

This textbook Law Enforcement and Governance in Forest Use, Protection and Renewal was prepared by the World Bank consultants with advisory inputs from faculty members of top higher education providers, practitioners and employers in the forestry sector.

FLEG II Releases New Educational Guide for School Teachers

New Educational Guide for School Teachers “Forest and Forestry” provides content and instructions for school lessons in forests

FLEG Sums up the Results of its Educational Activities in Russia

Education has been one of key priorities of FLEG in Russia. The development of sustainable forest management is impossible without strengthening human potential.

Russian Forestry: Achievements, Problems and Plans

Just before the completion of FLEG II, forestry experts gathered for one of the final meetings, on the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

FLEG II Completion: Program Participants in Russia Summarize the Results

On October 24, FLEG II held a roundtable “Improving Forest Law Enforcement and Governance” during the 8th International Forum “Forest and Man”

“For Fair and Efficient Economy” in the Forest Sector

On September 22, Khabarovsk hosted the meeting of the workgroup “For fair and efficient economy” organized by the local branch of the public movement “People’s Front for Russia” and the local branch of the Russian organization of small and medium business “Support of Russia”.

How to increase the efficiency of forest management in Russia?

Participants of a round table organized by FLEG II in Krasnoyarsk suggested a number of comprehensive measures to improve the Russian forestry sector.

Textbooks to supply students in the Khabarovsk Kray with applied forestry knowledge

On request from the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Forest Industry Technical School, the FLEG II Program held a training seminar for its teaching staff.

Wildfires: to Fight or Not to Fight

FLEG II suggested a new strategy to combat forest fires: a switch from fighting every fire to a more selective wildfire management based on the environmental and economic assessment of the consequences.

FLEG analyzed gaps and inconsistencies in Russian forest legislation

The barriers revealed by FLEG can hinder socio-economic development of the country.

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