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Forest sector reform in Ukraine must serve state and public interests

To implement this reform, FLEG II suggests creating a high-level working group reporting to the Vice Prime Minister.

FLEG II helps improve the legislation on the public access to forest resources

A new draft law has been submitted to Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament: “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine to Guarantee the Rights of Citizens for the Common Use of Forest Resources”.

Discussing the FLEG II proposals for improving the hunting model in Ukraine

July 7, 2015 in Boyarka, Kyiv region, the Ukrainian Center for Forestry Training ("Ukrtsentrkadrylis") hosted a round table devoted to the discussion of proposals for the improvement of national legislation aimed at supporting the effective management in hunting sector of Ukraine.

FLEG explains changes in the anti-corruption legislation in Ukraine

On April 26, 2015, a new national anti-corruption law came into force. At the same time, the previous legislation that regulated this field, became inoperative (“On the principles of prevention and combatting corruption”, “On the rules of ethical behavior”).

FLEG helps introduce best silvicultural practices

FLEG II experts have developed recommendations on testing European methods of growing pine and oak in Ukraine.

FLEG II workshop on international experience and development of Hunting in Ukraine

In May, 2015 at the session hall of the National Forestry University of Ukraine in Lviv the "ENPI East FLEG II" Programme in cooperation with the State Forestry Agency of Ukraine organized and conducted a professional meeting devoted to the development of hunting economy in Ukraine.

Journalists shed light on the opaque side of forestry business in Ukraine

The award ceremony for winners of FLEG II contest for journalists and environmental activists took place at the World Bank Office in Kyiv on June 8. It was fourth in a series of civil engagement events organized in partnership with Telekritika, an independent media development think-tank.

National Programme Advisory Committee meeting in Ukraine

Over 20 analytical studies, two published manuals and wide-scale practical implementation of FLEG II recommendations on the national level are some examples of the Program work results in Ukraine that were presented at the NPAC meeting on May 6.

FLEG II helps State Forest Resource Agency of Ukraine professionals and the Programme experts to study good hunting management practices in Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary

The Central and Eastern European countries have similar history of economic and political development as well as good reformation experience accumulated in hunting industry. Due to the political and economic impact of the Association Agreement signed by Ukraine and EU, such knowledge is essential to build a hunting industry model in Ukraine, which could be comparable to the EU and based on same values and approaches.

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