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Once upon a Time the Soviet Style Forest Management… and then?

A new Regional Study analyses the governance of local forests in FLEG II countries

Origami helps children in Armenia learn about forest fires

In spring, forest fire season starts in most European countries. In Armenia, FLEG II prepared to prevent the wildfires with interactive and entertaining materials for children and adults.

With help from the government and FLEG II, Moldova is moving towards sustainable forest use

Agency Moldsilva, the central public authority for forestry and hunting in the Republic of Moldova, and its subdivision, Forest Research and Management Institute, cooperate with local communities towards improving the use of forest and pasture in a combined form. FLEG provides assistance to such initiatives and supports building sustainable partnerships at local level.

Stakeholders find ways to develop forest-oriented sustainable recreation and tourism in Azerbaijan

Baku, February 4, 2016 – Sustainable recreation and tourism have a great potential in the regions of Azerbaijan, but there is a need to increase knowledge and resources on the ground. FLEG II Azerbaijan shared its expertise on the subject during a three-day intensive seminar.

Moldova: Forest Dependency in a Nutshell

A survey conducted in three Moldovan communities shows their heavy dependency on forests

New united forestry entity of Ukraine: what should it be?

Kiev, Ukraine – On January 18, FLEG II experts discussed the reform of the forest sector with the top management of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food and State Forestry Agency.

Forest Ecosystem Services Discussed with Local Stakeholders in Moldova

On November 24, the State Forest Agency Moldsilva held a workshop entitled “Sustainable development of forest and pastoral resources in Moldova” to present the preliminary results achieved throughout the second phase of the ENPI East Forest Law Enforcement and Governance Program (FLEG II) in Moldova.

New Year’s Resolution: More Initiatives to Support Ecotourism in Russia

Residents of Tsevlo, a village of Bezhanitsky District situated near the Polistovsky Nature Reserve, found the perfect recipe to kick off the new year with the right mindset. The ingredients? Enthusiasm, fresh ideas, and good partners.

Agroforestry in Moldova: Aurel Lozan, FLEG Country Program Coordinator, on Agro TV to discuss this topic.

On January 23, FLEG Country Program Coordinator, Aurel Lozan, together with Alexandru Rotaru, Project Manager of the United Nations Development Program, participated in the TV program entitled “Dialogue with Experts”, broadcasted on the Moldovan channel Agro TV, to discuss the advantages of agroforestry and its contribution to sustainable development.

FLEG II contributes to the development of national forestry policy in Azerbaijan

Baku, January 8, 2016 – The National Program Advisory Committee (NPAC) met in the premises of the World Bank in Azerbaijan. Members and invited guests who include representatives of the Implementing Organizations and the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan discussed the progress of Program’s implementation, challenges and ways to improve the ongoing stance.

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