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Forest Week in Georgia, November 21-28

Minister is awarding with certificates of Participation.
Minister of enviorment and natural resource managment and Director WWF Caucasus hosting guests with FLEG II cake.

Exhibition of Youth Drawings
“My Native Forest”

By the end of November, Georgia celebrates Forest Week with events and educational resources for children and youth, environmental and forestry professionals, local communities and general public, this year organized within the framework of the EU Funded Regional ENPI-FLEG II Program.

Intention of the activities is to encourage greater public awareness towards forests and climate change, to learn more about forest biodiversity and support greater recognition of this valuable resource.

On November 21, 2015, Gallery “Universe” hosted the opening ceremony of the forest week with an Exhibition of Youth Drawings “My Native Forest”.  More than 400 best drawings of youth contest were exhibited at the event.  The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Georgia, Gigla Agulashvili attended the opening ceremony and awarded winner authors were with prizes. 12 winners will join Ecovision eco camp this summer.  “I’m impressed with the quality of drawings, this generation is extremely gifted’’ said Mr. Agulashvili ‘’In order to recognise their talent and encourage using their skills for preserving our beautiful nature I’m offering the winner authors permanent exhibition of their works in the ministry of environment. “

Up to 1000 school students from all over Georgia participated in the contest. The contest scope is to help the participant pupils visualize natural forests of their native regions and demonstrate the uniqueness of these forests.

‘’Forests are fundamental to our economy, culture, traditions and history - and to our future. Many communities, families and individuals in Georgia depend on forests for their livelihoods and way of life.’’-  Said Giorgi Sanadiradze, Director of WWF in Caucasus. ‘’That’s why we decided to initiate forest week, its goal is to encourage Georgians to get outside, explore the forests in their communities and meet the trees in their backyards and schoolyards! ‘’

Various educational and awareness rising activities were held during the week:  an eco-lesson for school children, a tree planting campaign for students and a workshop for inclusive school students. Drawing Contests and educational activities were implemented by NGO ‘’Ecovisison’’.

Activities of Forest Week dedicated to professional society continued in Batumi were Stakeholder meeting was organized to discuss the objectives and priorities of the TEEB study for the forestry sector in Ajara Autonomous Republic, Georgia. Meeting was opened by the Deputy Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Georgia Besarion Abashidze. 

Winners of the contest

  •  Ana Natroshvili, Tbilis Public school N 99, grade 7
  •  Ana Sephiashvili, Tbilisi Public School N183,grade 9
  •  Ani Tabatadze - Sachkhere municipality, Village Nigvzari public school, grade VII
  •  Davit Amkoladze - Sachkhere municipality, village Argveti public school, grade VIII
  •  Giorgi Aptsiauri - Tetritskaro municipality, Manglisi #1 public school, grade VII
  •  Giorgi Lomidze - Tbilisi #85 public school, grade VII
  •  Giorgi Talakhadze - Tbilisi #114 public school, grade VI
  •  Keso Berianidze - school-academy of talented, grade II
  •  Ketevan Beshkenashvili - Tbilisi #5 public school, grade VIII
  •  Mariam Abelishvili - Tbilisi #99 public school, grade IV
  •  Mariam Bliadze - Borjomi #1 public school, grade IX
  •  Mate Pirveli - Tbilisi #122 public school, grade V
  •  Natia Labadze - Sachkhere municipality, Village Nigvzari public school, grade VII
  •  Salome Keshelashvili - Tbilisi 155 public school, grade VIII
  •  Teona Pirtskhalava - Tbilisi #129 public school, grade IX
  •  Vakho Kakhidze - Kutaisi #30 public school, grade X

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